2013 Scholarship Award Winners

Congratulations to the 19 Scholarships Award Winners. CWA Local 1104 awarded thirteen scholarships.  A total of $20,000 was given to the children and grandchildren of our members and retirees.  We at Local 1104 hope this money will help in their pursuit of higher education and that they will have a successful school year.
Active: –  $1000 each
Kiya McCoy, daughter of Joseph McCoy, FT/STP – Henry Street;
Lauren Mattarella, daughter of Vito Mattarella, TTA/SET – Zeck Blvd. ;
Molly Conway, daughter of Kimberly Conway, TTA/SET – Want Co.;
Frank Accardi, son of Roseanne Accardi, FACL ASST – Lyn Co.;
Victoria-Ann Choy, daughter of Allan Robert Choy, TTA/CSTZ – Beth G.;
Asia Mone’ Miller, daughter of Monica Goode, FACL SPL – Lyn Co.;
Carly Burn, daughter of Scott Burn, FT/STP –  Hick G.;
Nyasia Andrews, daughter of Kim Brent, DRIVER B – Plain Whs.;
Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of Christopher Wilson,  CSA – Zeck Blvd.;
Casey Walsh, son of Johnny Walsh, FT/CSTM – Ave. C. G.;
Alisa Germaine, daughter of Michael Germaine, FT/OPT – Grvle G.;
Mia Katz, daughter of Karen L. Katz, TTA/SET – Syst Co.;
Jake Rutunno, son of Jerald Rotunno, TTA/OPT – Grvle G.;
Molly Siver, daughter of Mary Siver, OPR/RF – Glen
Carlos Blades, grandson of Lillian Smith, NURSE – NYDTWN;
Kyle Piccolo, son of Cathyann Piccolo, AOC – 120 Hicksville;
Retirees: – $1000 each:
Lauren Vlachos, granddaughter of Evelyn Wykert – Verizon
Abbey Hoteling, granddaughter of Donald Wladyka – Verizon
Bob Lilja Memorial Scholarship – $2000:
Stephen Hoffman, son of Eric Hofmann, FT/OPT – Grvle G.