2014 Scholarship Award Winners

CWA Local 1104 awarded thirteen scholarships.  A total of $20,000 was given to the children and grandchildren of our members and retirees.  We at Local 1104 hope this money will help in their pursuit of higher education and that they will have a successful school year:

Active: –  $1000 each

  • Jennifer Anderson, daughter of Pauline Anderson, FACL ASST - Lyn G.;
  • Robert Benjamin, son of Robert Benjamin, TTA/CSTM - Ave. C. G.;
  • Elizabeth Briody, daughter of Edward Briody, TTA/STP - Frpt G.;
  • Anthony Clarke, son of Timothy Clarke, COT/SET - Zeck Blvd.;
  • Jesse Dalton, son of James Dalton, FT/OPT - Beth G.;
  • Stephan Galley, son of Christopher Galley, FT/STP - Hen St. G.;
  • Alyssa Iannuzzi, daughter of, John Iannuzzi, TTA/CSTX -  Wdby G.;
  • Amanda Latini, daughter of Jennifer Latini, FACL ASST - Lyn Co.;
  • Brian Madden, son of Finbar Madden,  DRIVER A - Plain Whse.;
  • Kristina Murtha, son of Robert Murtha, M S T  - Zeck Blvd.;
  • James Patterson, son of Catherine Patterson, AA/AC - Zeck Blvd.;
  • John Remsen, son of John Remsen, COT/SET - Zeck Blvd.;
  • Bryan Rigor, son of Adelina Villanueva-Rigor, Nurse - NY Presb. Hosp..;
  • Mark Karalus, son of Diane Karalus, OPR/RF - Dunkirk
  • Stephanie Legris, daughter of Theresa Legris, OPR/RF - Glenns Falls;
  • Nadine Labek, daughter of Traceyann Moller, AOC - 120 Hicksville;

Retirees: – $1000 each:

  • Katelyn Breiner, daughter of Hugh Breiner – Verizon
  • Alyssa Anne Hayden, daughter of Irene D Andrea-Elorriaga – Verizon

Bob Lilja Memorial Scholarship – $2000:

  • Nicole Carroll, daughter of Edward Carroll, TTA/STS – Farm G.