2016 Awarded Scholarship - 19 Winners!

CWA Local 1104 awarded nineteen scholarships. A total of $20,000 was given to the children and grandchildren of our members and retirees. We at Local 1104 hope this money will help in their pursuit of higher education and that they will have a successful school year:
Active: – $1000 each
  • Jack Belmonte, son of Thomas Belmonte-FT/STP FRPT G
  • John D Ambrosio, son of Peter D Ambrosio- TTA/CSTX BETH G
  • Jessica Drum, daughter of Eugenia Drum-TTA/SET ZECK BLVD
  • Jada Etienne, daughter of Louis Etienne-COT/SET ZECK BLVD
  • Kaitlin Geary, daughter of Joseph Geary-FT/STP HICKS G
  • Nicole Germaine, daughter of Michael Germaine-FT/STP HEN ST G
  • Gabrielle Hendrix, daughter of Christopher Hendrix-TTA/CSTX PLAINVIEW G
  • Alyssa Keegan, daughter of Andrew Keegan-FT/STP HEN ST G
  • Matthew Longo, son of Donald Longo-TTA/STP HEN ST G
  • Michael Manigualt, son of Michael Manigualt-FT/STP 199 FLT ST
  • Emma Mc Laughlin, daughter of John Mc Laughlin-FT/STP HEN ST G
  • Katherine Scheid, daughter of Charles Scheid-FT/OPT BETH G
  • Erica Schimmenti, daughter of Francesca Schimmenti-AA/AC ZECK BLVD
  • Kailieee Sievers, daughter of Susan Sievers-TTA/SET ZECK BLVD
  • Reson White, son of Denise White-C S A ZECK BLVD
  • Gabrielle Hall, daughter of Susan Hall-OPR/RF GLENS FALLS
Retirees: – $1000 each:
  • Danielle Marinis, daughter of William Marinis-FT/CSTM WESTBURY
  • Joshua Flowers, son of Zolean Russell-Flowers- TTA/SET ZECK
Bob Lilja Memorial Scholarship – $2000:
  • Taylor Poltorak, son of Donald Poltorak-FT/STP HICKS G