2022 Awarded Scholarship - 22 Winners

CWA Local 1104 awarded twenty-two (22) scholarships. A total of $23,000 was given to the children of our members and retirees. We at Local 1104 hope this money will help in their pursuit of higher education and that they will have a successful school year:

Nettworth scholarship winners. NY won 6 out of 20 Nationwide.

CWA Local 1104:

  • Member: Stephen Kiernan
    Child: Madison Kiernan $4000
Active $1000 each:
  • Richard Biagini
    Son of Christopher Biagini
    FT/CSTX - Plainview G
  • Adriana Bifolco
    Daughter of Michelle Bifolco
    AOC - 120 Hicksville Rd
  • June Burn
    Daughter of Scott Burn
    FT/OPT - Bethpage G
  • Rebecca Carey
    Daughter of Matthew Carey
    FT/STP - Freeport G
  • Leigh Corrado
    Daughter of Vincent Corrado
    FT/OPT - Bethpage G
  • Aedan Forde
    Son of Michael Forde
    FT/STP - Hicksville G
  • Meaghen Grinder
    Daughter of Elyn O'Brien
    FT/STP - Henry St G
  • Todd Janny
    Son of John Janny
    TTA/OPT - Bethpage G
  • Ariana Karakostas
    Daughter of Konstantinos Karakostas
    FT/OPT - Bethpage G
  • Madison Kiernan
    Daughter of Stephan Kiernan
    FT/CSTX - Plainview G
  • Rosemarie LaFemina
    Daughter of Gina LaFemina
    AOC -120 Hicksville Rd
Active $1000 each:
  • Colleen McGovern
    Daughter of Kevin McGovern
    FT/STP - Henry St G
  • Brandon Pierre
    Son of Claudia Campbell
    AA/AC - Zeckendorf Blvd
  • Colin Muessig
    Son of Francis Muessig
    TTA/OPT - Greenvale G
  • Christopher Muscanera
    Son of Adam Muscanera
    FT/OPT -Bethpage G
  • Danielle Marullo
    Daughter of Kelly Newham
    AA/AC - Zeckendorf Blvd
  • Alexa Pereira
    Daughter of Hector Pereira
    FT/STP - Hicksville G
  • Hailey Reed
    Daughter of Dennis Reed
    FT/OPT - Bethpage G

Retirees - $1000 each:

  • Megan Farrell
    Daughter of Brendan Farrell
    FT/STS - Freeport G
  • Amanda Panaro
    Daughter of William Moran
    FT/BSW -Bethpage G
Bob Lilja Memorial Scholarship $2000
  • Brianna Faust
    Daughter of Joseph Faust
    FT/OPT Bethpage G