2023 Scholarship Winners

2023 Awarded Scholarship - 20 Winners:
CWA Local 1104 awarded twenty (20) scholarships. A total of $21,000 was given to the children of our members and retirees. We at Local 1104 hope this money will help in their pursuit of higher education and that they will have a successful school year:
$1000 Winners:
Charlie Lewis Centeno
Child of Carlos Ceteno
FT/OPT Bethpage G
Jami Lynn De Luca
Child of Ralph De Luca
FT/STP Plainview G
Jayden Dillon
Child of Brian Dillon
FT/STP Freeport G
Gavin Giordano
Child of Michael S Giordano
FT/STP Freeport G
Thomas Hennig
Child of Thomas Hennig
COT/SET Freeport G
Samuel Huysman
Child of John E Huysman
FT/BSW Bethpage G
Cole J Iveson
Child of Karen Iveson
NSC Troy-Vtac
Olivia Hope La Cascia
Child of Nicola La Cascia
AA/AC Zeckendof Blvd
Isabel Mollie Manne
Child of Nick Hoh
TTA/STP Hicksville G
Ryan Timothy Motreuil
Child of Timothy Motreuil
TTA/CSTX Plainview G
Jennifer Nocito
Child of Daniel Nocito
SEC ASST TECH -Infrastucture Technology
Jessica Piccinini
Child of Michael Piccinini
FT/OPT Bethpage G
Kaleigh Reichelt
Child of Robert Reichelt
FT/BSW Bethpage G
Timothy Sigismonti
Child of Michael Sigismonti
FT/OPT Bethpage G
Amanda Perrone
Child of Thomas Perrone
FT/STP Hicksville G
Ashely Pierce
Child of Randall Pierce
FT/OPT Bethpage G
Anna K Tringali
Child of James Tringali
FT/OPT Bethpage G
Retirees - $1,000 each:
Kayla White
Child of Denise White
CSA Zeckendof Blvd
Isabella M Keogan
Child of Terence M Keogan
CSA Zeckendof Blvd
Bob Lilja Shcolarship - $2000:
Kyle Evan Widecki
Child of Kevin Widecki
FT/OPT Bethpage G