Happy Labor Day

This year, Labor Day looks a lot different for many of us. The usual activities-the parades, backyard barbecues, vacations, and gatherings with friends and families-will be smaller, postponed or canceled altogether.

But Labor Day always has meant more than just social events. It's a day to honor and celebrate the contributions of America's working people. And this past year our contributions could not have been greater. From our nurses that served on the frontline of the pandemic, to our Verizon workers who made it possible to work from home you have shown the worth of workers this year.

As the nation faces three intertwined crises-a pandemic, an economic free fall and racial injustice-America's working people have shown the world what we've known all along-our work is essential.

But we've also seen the devastation caused by the incompetent and ineffectual leaders who choose to put profits over people. Right now, there's a comprehensive COVID-19 relief bill languishing in the U.S. Senate, and working people are suffering needlessly. The HEROES Act would provide extended unemployment insurance benefits, hazard pay, an emergency infectious disease standard to protect working people and more.

Working people need real relief, and this November we will cast our ballots for politicians who will fight for America's working people, a fair economy and a just society.

This Labor Day, let's honor the hard work of our union brothers, sisters and friends, and fight for the political candidates who will put America's workers first.