Happy Labor Day from CWA Local 1104

On Labor Day, we honor those who fought for the basic workplace rights we all take for granted.

So this weekend, around the family barbeques, reflect on Labor Day’s true meaning, and understand why the unions still fight.

Corporate Greed corrupts Wall Street. The Unions fight that.

Good paying jobs get offshored to the third world that cripples our communities. The Unions fight that.

Corporations try to take healthcare away from kids. The Unions fight that.

Greedy Immoral CEO’s get paid outrageous compensation packages. The unions fight that.

The Communications Workers of America Local 1104 is running this ad on Labor Day Weekend to remind you that’s it is ok to fight and be vocal about the issues that matter to working people.

Because once we stop fighting, then the bad guys, the one percent, they win.

Happy Labor Day and stand up and Join the fight at cwa1104.com