Memorial Day Message

Memorial Day weekend is here and all of us here at CWA 1104 want to wish you and yours a safe and relaxing holiday as we unofficially start Summer 2016. If you do a google search for inspiring quotes or things to say during Memorial Day, one stood out more than the others, it reads; 

“They gave their tomorrow’s for our todays."

We thank retired and active service men and women on Veterans Day, and on Memorial Day we give thanks to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, those who gave their tomorrow’s so we all can enjoy the many freedoms we sometimes take for granted, such as the freedom to be in a union and have a voice at work. There is another quote that talked about the different ways Americans pay homage to those who never made it home. It referenced that we don’t mourn the dead on Memorial Day, we celebrate them. Maybe that’s why there is so much joy on Memorial Day, from parades, to picnic’s, baseball games, etc. Maybe that’s what our fallen service men and women would want us to do. Not be sad on Memorial Day, but be grateful. So fly your flags high, talk to your little ones about Memorial Day’s true meaning and keep those who are in harm’s way serving overseas in your thoughts and prayers and celebrate being a citizen of one of the greatest countries on earth.