On Strike for the Holiday's. Let's support our brothers & sisters at Fairpoint!

Over the past 6 years, FairPoint Communications executives have led the company into a merger and bankruptcy, resulting in workforce cuts of almost 22 percent. In addition to cutting workers, FairPoint has outsourced jobs in violation of promises made to the New England communities that depend on those jobs. Today about two-thirds of FairPoint's almost 3,200 employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements as members of the IBEW and CWA. Their contract expired on August 2, 2014. In response to FairPoint's refusal to engage in constructive dialog, IBEW and CWA formed "Fairness@FairPoint" to mobilize members and allies to fight for a fair deal. Visit Fairnessatfairpoint.com to send donations for our brothers and sisters who need our support during this Holiday Season.