CWA Local 1104 2022 Nassau/Suffolk Voter Guide

As in the past, there are 3 ways you can vote this year:

  • You can vote by mail. All New York residents may vote by absentee ballot.  You can request your ballot at: . The deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail is October 23rd (you can hand deliver an absentee ballot application to the Board of Elections in Mineola by November 6th).   Fill it out and mail it back before the end of business on Election Day, November 7th, so that it is POST MARKED BY ELECTION DAY.  Absentee ballots may also be dropped off at any poll site during voting hours.
  • You can vote early in person. The Early Voting period for the General Election will be October 28th - November 5th.   You may vote at ANY early voting location in the county you reside.
  • And of course, you can vote on Election Day at your regular polling location on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th.

There are 2 Propositions on the ballot this year.  The first is: “Removal of Small City School Districts From Special Constitutional Debt Limitation” and the second is “Extending Sewage Project Debt Exclusion From Debt Limit”.  While they do not affect us directly CWA recommends voting “YES” for both proposals.  

Here’s the list of pro-union candidates endorsed by CWA Local 1104:

Nassau County: (County Legislature lines have been redrawn so your Legislative District may have changed)

  • 1st Legislative District No Endorsement
  • 2nd Legislative District Siela Bynoe
  • 3rd Legislative District Carrie A. Solages
  • 4th Legislative District Alexis Pace
  • 5th Legislative District No Endorsement
  • 6th Legislative District Debra Mule
  • 7th Legislative District Howard Kopel
  • 8th Legislative District John Giuffre
  • 9th Legislative District No Endorsement
  • 10th Legislative District Mazi Melesa Pilip
  • 11th Legislative District No Endorsement
  • 12th Legislative District Michael Giangregorio
  • 13th Legislative District Thomas McKevitt
  • 14th Legislative District William Gaylor
  • 15th Legislative District John Ferretti
  • 16th Legislative District Arnold Drucker
  • 17th Legislative District Rose Walker
  • 18th Legislative District Samantha Goetz
  • 19th Legislative District James Kennedy

Town of Hempstead:

  • Supervisor Don Clavin
  • Receiver of Taxes Jeanine Driscoll
  • 2nd Council District Thomas Muscarella
  • 3rd Council District Melissa Miller
  • 4th Council District Laura Ryder
  • 5th Council District Chris Carini
  • Town Clerk Kate Murray

Town of North Hempstead:

  • Supervisor Jon Kaiman
  • Receiver of Taxes Veronica Lurvey
  • 2nd Council District Peter Zuckerman
  • 4th Council District Christine Liu
  • 6th Council District Marianne Dalimonte

Town of Oyster Bay:

  • Supervisor Joseph S. Saladino
  • Town Council Vicky Walsh
  • Town Council Laura Maier
  • Town Council Steve Labriola
  • Town Clerk Richard LaMarca
  • Receiver of Taxes Jeff Pravato

City of Glen Cove:

  • Mayor No Endorsement
  • City Council Marsha Silverman
  • City Council Danielle Fugazy-Scagliola
  • City Council Theresa Pergola
  • City Council Joanne Yee
  • City Council John Zozzaro
  • City Council Joseph Manfredi

City of Long Beach:

  • City Council No Endorsements on any City Council Candidate in Long Beach

Suffolk County:

  • Supervisor Ed Romaine
  • 1st Legislative District Catherine Kent
  • 2nd Legislative District Ann Welker
  • 3rd Legislative District Jim Mazzarella
  • 4th Legislative District Nick Caracappa
  • 5th Legislative District Steve Engelbright
  • 6th Legislative District Dorothy Cavalier
  • 7th Legislative District Ryan McGarry
  • 8th Legislative District No Endorsement
  • 9th Legislative District Sam Gonzalez
  • 10th Legislative District Patricia Bergin
  • 11th Legislative District Steve Flotteron
  • 12th Legislative District Leslie Kennedy
  • 13th Legislative District No Endorsement
  • 14th Legislative District Kevin McCaffrey
  • 15th Legislative District Jason Richberg
  • 16th Legislative District Sidney Joyner
  • 17th Legislative District Tom Donnelly
  • 18th Legislative District Eve Meltzer Krief

Town of Babylon:

  • Town Council DuWayne Gregory
  • Town Council Terrence McSweeney
  • Receiver of Taxes Jennifer Montiglio

Town of Huntington:

  • Receiver of Taxes Jillian Guthman
  • Town Clerk Andrew Raia
  • Town Council Brooke Lupinacci
  • Town Council Theresa Mari

Town of Smithtown:

  • Town Clerk William Holst
  • Receiver of Taxes Amy Fortunato
  • Town Council Maria Scheuring
  • Town Council Sarah Tully

Town of Islip:

  • Supervisor Ken Colon
  • Town Clerk Sarah Smith
  • Receiver of Taxes No Endorsement
  • 3rd Council District Christine Pellegrino
  • 4th Council District Thomas Murray

Town of Riverhead:

  • Supervisor Angela DeVito
  • Town Clerk Josephine Makowski
  • Receiver of Taxes No Endorsement
  • Town Council No Endorsement on any candidates

Town of East Hampton:

  • Supervisor No Endorsement
  • Town Council Thomas Flight
  • Highway Superintendent No Endorsement 

Town of Southold:

  • Supervisor Al Krupski
  • Receiver of Taxes No Endorsement
  • Town Council Gwynn Schroeder

Town of Brookhaven:

  • Supervisor Lillian Clayman
  • Highway Superintendent Dan Losquadro
  • Receiver of Taxes Lou Marcoccia
  • 1st Council District Jonathan Kornreich
  • 2nd Council District Carol Russell
  • 3rd Council District Neil Manzella
  • 4th Council District Michael Loguercio
  • 5th Council District Neil Foley
  • 6th Council District Kerry Spooner  
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