Tom Suozzi for County Executive

A decision was made July 22nd at the unionized Hilton in Melville. Hundreds of union leaders representing scores of industries democratically converged to hold the Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO triennial convention. CWA 1104 was represented and we joined other unions to review successes, debrief defeats, elect leaders, compile political agendas and last but not least, endorse political candidates.This year's convention was important because we decided to endorse Tom Suozzi for Nassau County Executive. We discussed a list of reasons why current Executive Ed Mangano has failed working people. Mangano has carried the agenda of the defunct tea party for way too long. By not raising taxes, services are gone, precincts closed, crime is up and Sandy recovery investments are absent.  Little infrastructure work has been done and Sandy contractor awards reek of corruption. To ad further insult to injury, the County's Industrial Development Agency is handing out awards to out of state contractors. These are the many reasons why Long Island's unions are getting behind Suozzi.  So when you are out and about and you see those lawn signs that read; "Thank you Ed Mangano for not raising taxes," take a further look around and see what a mess he has made out of our beautiful county. Our County's wealthiest residents are doing just fine, but what about the rest of us? Mangano needs to go, and I hope you are as excited as I am to thrown him out of office this November. As a member of this union, feel free to be vocal about his failures to your neighbors, and if you see Ed Mangano is public - remind him of the horrible job he has done and ask him to get his resume together. I'm sure he will fit in just fine at Verizon's Human Resource Department.

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