2021 Tentative Meeting Schedule

Here is the tentative schedule for our 2021 General Membership Meetings. We have set the dates as we normally do with the hope that we will be able to hold these meetings. Obviously, the March date is wishful thinking at this point, but these are the four dates for 2021.
Hopefully, we will be able to see the membership sooner, rather than later.
Stay safe and healthy everyone!
CWA 1104 meetings will be held at 6 PM at the American Legion Post #1066 Hall, 66 Veterans Blvd, Massapequa on the following dates:
  • Tuesday, March 9th
  • Tuesday, June 8th (Financial Meeting at 5:30 PM)
  • Tuesday, September 14th
  • Tuesday, December 7th
Please mark your calendars and attend these meetings. Prior to each meeting, an agenda for that meeting will also be posted.