CWA Voter Guide

There are 3 ways you can vote this year:
  • You can vote by mail. All New York residents may vote by absentee ballot this year. If you haven't already, request your ballot at If prompted to give a reason for requesting an absentee ballot, you may select "Temporary Illness or Physical Disability" due to the potential of contracting COVID-19. Make sure you request your absentee ballot BEFORE October 27, 2020.
  • You can vote early in person. The Early Voting period for the General Election will be October 24 - November 1.
○        For early voting locations in Nassau click here.
○        For early voting locations is Suffolk click here.
  • And of course, you can vote on Election Day at your regular polling location on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3
Here's the list of pro-union candidates endorsed by CWA Local 1104 
NY State Assembly
NY State Senate
1st Assembly District: Fred Thiel
2nd Assembly District: Laura Jens-Smith
3rd Assembly District: Joe Destefano
4th Assembly District: Steve Englebright
5th Assembly District: Doug Smith
6th Assembly District: Phil Ramos
7th Assembly District: Jarett Gandolfo
8th Assembly District: Dylan Rice
9th Assembly District: Michael Durso
10th Assembly District: Steve Stern
11th Assembly District: Kimberly Jean-Pierre
12th Assembly District: Michael Marcantonio
13th Assembly District: Charles Lavine
14th Assembly District: David McDonough
15th Assembly District: No endorsement
16th Assembly District: Gina Sillitti
17th Assembly District: John Mikulin
18th Assembly District: Taylor Darling
19th Assembly District: Ed Ra 
20th Assembly District: Gregory Marks
21st Assembly District: Judy Griffin
22nd Assembly District: Michaelle Solages
1st Senate District: Laura Ahearn
2nd Senate District: Mario Mattera
3rd Senate District: Monica Martinez
4th Senate District: Phil Boyle
5th Senate District: Jim Gaughran
6th Senate District: Kevin Thomas
7th Senate District: Anna Kaplan
8th Senate District: John Brooks
9th Senate District: Todd Kaminsky


United States Congress:
Congressional District 1:   Nancy Goroff
Congressional District 2:   Jackie Gordon
Congressional District 3:   Tom Suozzi