Early Voting Starts Saturday plus Endorsements

For the first time in New York's history voters will be allowed to vote early. The early voting period starts on Saturday October 26th and runs through Sunday November 3. If you don't vote early, don't worry you can still vote normally on Election Day which is Tuesday November 5th.  Below are the Nassau and Suffolk early voting locations.  NYC residents go to nyc.pollsitelocator.com to find your early voting location. Please note that these voting locations are different from where you vote on Election Day and the times may differ based on location. We have also included a list of endorsed candidates below. Please look this list over before you vote.

Here's a list of union friendly candidates endorsed by CWA in Nassau and Suffolk counties:

CWA Local 1104
2019 Nassau County Voter Guide
District Attorney:                  Madeline Singas                
Legislative District 1:           Kevan Abrahams                      
Legislative District 2:           Siela Bynoe                                 
Legislative District 3:           Carrie Solages                           
Legislative District 5:           Debra Mule
Legislative District 6:           Laura Burns                               
Legislative District 8:           Barbara Hafner                         
Legislative District 9:           Richard Nicolello                     
Legislative District 10:        Ellen Birnbaum                         
Legislative District 11:        Delia DeRiggi-Whitton          
Legislative District 12:        James Kennedy                         
Legislative District 13:        Thomas McKevitt                     
Legislative District 14:        Laura Schaefer                          
Legislative District 16:        Arnold Drucker                        
Legislative District 17:        Allen Foley                                  
Legislative District 18:        Josh Lafazan  
Town of Hempstead Candidates:
Town Supervisor:                  Laura Gillen
2nd Council District:              Thomas Tweedy
3rd Council District:               Shari James-Pierre
5th Council District:               Lora Webster
Town Clerk:                               Sylvia Cabana
Town of North Hempstead Candidates:
Town Supervisor:                  Judi Bosworth
2nd Council District:              Peter Zuckerman
4th Council District:              Veronica Lurvey
6th Council District:               Mariann Dalimonte

Town of Oyster Bay Candidates:
Town Supervisor:                  Joe Saladino
Town Council:                          Vicki Walsh
Town Council:                          Melissa McCardle
Town Council:                          Erin Guida                    
City of Glen Cove Candidates:
Mayor:                                          Tim Tenke
City Council:                              Marsha Silverman
City Council:                              Rocco Totino
City Council:                              Gaitley Stevenson-Matthews
City Council:                              Eve Lupenko-Ferrante
City Council:                              Danielle Fugazy-Scagliola

CWA Local 1104
2019 Suffolk County Voter Guide
County Executive:                              Steve Bellone
1st Legislative District:                      Al Krupski
2nd Legislative District:                     Bridget Fleming
3rd Legislative District:                      Rudy Sunderman
4th Legislative District:                      Tom Muratore
5th Legislative District:                      Kara Hahn
6th Legislative District:                      Sarah Anker
7th Legislative District:                      Rob Calarco
8th Legislative District:                      Bill Lindsay
9th Legislative District:                      Sam Gonzalez
10th Legislative District:                   Tom Cilmi
11th Legislative District:                   Joe McDermott
12th Legislative District:                   Leslie Kennedy
13th Legislative District:                   Jan Singer
14th Legislative District:                   Kevin McCaffrey
15th Legislative District:                   DuWayne Gregory
16th Legislative District:                   Susan Berland
17th Legislative District:                   Tom Donnelly
18th Legislative District:                   William Spencer
Town of Babylon Candidates:
Town Council:                                        Terence McSweeney
Town Council:                                        Jacqueline Gordon
Town of Brookhaven Candidates:
Town Supervisor:                                Ed Romaine
Superintendent of Highways:           Anthony Portesy
Receiver of Taxes:                               Dom Pascual
1st Council District:                            Valerie Cartright
3rd Council District:                            Kevin Lavalle
4th Council District:                            Cheryl Felice
5th Council District:                            Neil Foley
6th Council District:                            Dan Panico
Town of Huntington Candidates:
Town Council:                                       Kathleen Cleary
Town Council:                                       Joan Cergol
Town Clerk:                                           Andrew Raia
Town of Islip Candidates:
Town Supervisor:                                 Tom Murray
Town Clerk:                                            Joseph Fritz
Town Council:                                        Leigh-Ann Barde
Town Council:                                        Jorge Guadron
Town of Riverhead Candidates:
Town Supervisor:                                 Jay Schneiderman
Town Council:                                        John Bouvier
Town Council:                                        Craig Catalanotto