Extension of Agreements with Verizon

I hope this message finds every member and their families well as we continue this journey that none of us has ever experienced before. We pray we never experience this again. As a District and as a Local of CWA we continue to do everything we can to get each member to the other side of this ordeal healthy, safe and with minimal financial hardship. We still have a distance to travel but here in New York it appears we are trending in the right direction. But we must continue to follow the directions of our experts so we can get to the finish line safely.
As always we start with our Nurses at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Lower Manhattan. When we talk about the front lines it doesn't get any closer than this. As a Local we couldn't be prouder of these HEROES. Putting themselves in danger every day while saving peoples lives. There are not enough accolades for the job they are doing. We continue to pray for their health and safety every day. 
CWA and Verizon have agreed to extend all the agreements that were put in place until the end of June. Leave Agreement, Work at Home, Home Garaging to name a few. Please continue to utilize these agreements as they were all put in place to protect the safety of every member. For those that can't work from home please be diligent in protecting your health and safety every day.
We continue to deal with Lay-offs in our Non Verizon Companies. Our hope is with the gradual re-opening of the economy we can start getting members back to work as quickly as we can.

I would like to give a huge Thank You to our Leadership of our Graduate Student Union and Research Foundation who continue to keep our members employed and safe. They have worked very hard with the State of New York to get that done.

We are a very diverse Local that has been affected by the Coronavirus in many different ways. This Local will continue everything we can to navigate this membership through this crisis. The Local remains open every day. We are available to every member 24 hours per 7 days per week to handle any issue you may have. We are here for you. Be safe,be healthy and we'll get through this together.
New Verizon Agreements
Below are new letters of agreement (LOA) that will be in effect the end of June. Please click the links to download them and read them.