Happy Labor Day

Monday is Labor Day, the one day of the year that we celebrate the worker. Since the first Monday in September became a Federal Holiday in 1894, we have made great strides. A 40 hour work week, the weekend, safety protections, and the right to collectively bargain have all been fought for and won by organized labor. When labor stands united, we win. Local 1104is proof of that. We stood up to one of the largest companies in the world and won! That victory inspired other unions, like Teamsters Local 812, to go out on strike for better wages and benefits. When we fight, we are not only fighting for those in our union, but we are fighting to even the playing field and make things better for everyone. Every little victory raises the standards for others on Long Island, in New York, and across the country.
Sadly, many of our friends and family have forgotten the meaning of Labor Day. It has become commercialized, just like many of our other holidays. Many just see it as another day off, a day to go to the beach or barbecue. While these are not bad things, we also need to remember that this is YOUR holiday. No matter your job title, on Labor Day every worker is celebrated. Be proud to be part of the labor movement. Enjoy this holiday weekend with family and friends because we will need to continue the fight to expand the labor movement and bring back the middle class when we return to work. These fights may be hard, but with your participation and support we can win. Within Local 1104, there are many opportunities to become an active participant in the union. Below we have provided just a few options. Enjoy "your" holiday! Happy Labor Day to you and your families.