Happy Labor Day

On Monday we celebrate the Union's holiday, the Worker's holiday- Labor Day. This is the one day of the year that we celebrate the working man and woman. This is the one day that we remember the sacrifices that were made to fight for a job that will pay us well enough to take care of our families and allow us to come home at night. Remember, this was not given to us out of the kindness of executives hearts. They were fought for by men and women like the members of CWA 1104. As CWA members, we continue this fight. It was only a few years ago, that we were forced to walk the picket line. Like the coal miners, teachers, garment workers, autoworkers and countless others before us, we stood up to the executives and said no to givebacks. We told them that they would not begin to take us back to a time when labor was weak and cow toed to the demands of CEO's. We stood up and got a better contract and this year negotiated a new contract that continues to protect our membership.

This Labor Day, enjoy the time off, the time you get to spend with your family and friends. All I ask is that you take a few minutes to talk to them, especially the children, about the importance of unions and how we celebrate their achievements on the first Monday of September. Have a Happy Labor Day.