Happy Labor Day Local 1104

Message from Tom Benedetto, President
Labor Day in the United States is defined as a celebration of the American Labor Movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievement of workers. It constitutes a yearly National tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well being of the Country.
Those are some well written words and for most of our lives we have proudly lived up to those words in what we have done every day when we reported to our respective careers. The middle-class and the working-class that's who we are and are proud of it! We were raised and raised our families in solid middle class communities. We weren't rich but we were taught to live within our means and enjoy the American Dream of owning a home and working hard to achieve our goals, getting to your pension and live comfortable in your older years.
How did this change? Now Corporate America wants the American Labor Movement to be where the executives' get richer and richer and the American workers get poorer and poorer. No defined pensions, pay your own health benefits, and less wages. The "Golden Years of retirement?" Hopefully you can get there but you'll have to work longer to get there. Nothing comes easy for the Labor Movement today. How do we break this trend? That's a difficult question. But we are all in for the challenge.
However, we remain proud and of who we are. Unions like the CWA are trying to protect the Labor Movement and the workers who have built this country . We will continue to stand strong together and fight for workers rights across this Country. Be proud of the part you have played and the work you have done. We are the American Labor Movement and should wear that proudly everyday!
To all the members of Local 1104 and your families I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Safe Labor Day.
We are proud to represent you.