Happy Labor Day Local 1104

As we approach this Labor Day weekend, I can’t help but reflect on the impact that CWA and Local 1104 had on organized Labor in the past year.  In our current times, with the attack on union workers and the middle class, CWA leadership led nearly 40,000 workers in a 7-week strike that proved quite successful to this membership.  In many ways it is quite historic.  Think about it, how many unions go on strike in this day and age?  It just doesn’t happen anymore.  But CWA took on this corporate giant Verizon, as I have called the “Poster Child” for corporate greed, and fought a 7-week strike on the street to get a fair contract and that’s something we can all be proud of.  Other labor organizations supported us in many different ways, coming to our picket lines with food, drinks and just some moral support.  It was a throwback to yesteryear.  Labor organizations coming together to be united and to fight as one.

Perhaps it’s a turning point for all organized labor.  Only time will tell.  But we proved there is still a fight to be had.  We proved to Verizon and other corporate giants that enough was enough and we still have plenty of battle in us.  It was a courageous strike and CWA proved to everyone it still can get it done when necessary.

As we enjoy our holiday weekend let’s not lose sight of what we accomplished and the hard work it took to achieve our goals.  It’s Labor Day and organized labor is alive and well.  Let’s celebrate that and the future of labor unions.  We took a giant leap forward.  Hopefully that trend continues.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.