Home Garaging and Work from Home Extended

For the past 15 months, many of our members were able to garage from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. These arrangements were necessary to keep our members safe and to survive the unprecedented circumstances. When we left our workplaces, no one realized what our country was facing and no one expected it would last as long as it has.
As always, our members rose to the occasion, they have been truly essential. Without reliable telecommunications service, our hospitals could not function, millions of people would not have been able to continue working remotely and children would have been cut off from education.
We have agreed to extend the Covid-19 Home Garaging agreement through the month of July 2021. The Company has informed us that this is the last extension of this agreement and the home garaging will end on August 1, 2021.
As we prepare for the return to our normal working conditions, please be assured that CWA will work closely with Verizon to ensure that the workplaces are safe for the return of our members. Vaccinations are readily available and are the best way to protect against COVID-19. We encourage all members to get the vaccine. 
As you know, since March 2020, we have had agreements regarding certain employees working from home due to Covid-19.
We have reached an agreement with Verizon to extend our Covid-19 work from home agreements until September 30, 2021. We have also agreed to continue to meet with Verizon to discuss future plans for those employees working at home.
We will keep you informed with regards to those discussions.