Labor Walk Saturday

We are now less than two weeks away from Election Day. Here on Long Island, we have a number of important races that will decide the future of power in D.C. and Albany. Over the last few decades, years, and months, unions and our values have come under attack. Our jobs have been shipped overseas to be done for half the price (sometimes even less) and our right to organize is under attack. We must elect representatives that represent us, not major corporations like Verizon. We must elect representatives that make it harder to send our call center jobs overseas, not easier. This is why we must vote for CWA endorsed candidates. However, voting isn't enough. We must get our message out and ensure that the larger union community knows which candidates stand with them and which stand for the destruction of our way of life. This is why we need every CWA 1104 members help this Saturday. We will be taking part in a labor walk for two candidates that will decide the balance of power in DC and Albany and one candidate who is a fellow union sister. Details for the labor walk are below.