Liuba- Our Union Values on the Ballot

We are less then 3 weeks from a very important date, Election Day. It is no secret that over the last few years collective bargaining rights have come under attack from all angles. Whether it was Janus which made Right to Work (for less) a national law for public sector unions, the weakening of OSHA standards, the elimination of class action lawsuits and a tax deal that will put so many of us in debt to the federal government; these attacks are meant to make it harder for unions like 1104 to do their job and protect our diverse and hardworking membership. On Election Day, Local 1104 and CWA members from across the country are being asked to head to the polls with one simple voting plan. Vote your wallet, vote for Pro-Union candidates that have earned our trust and respect and that will help to preserve our way of life.  We are all taking these midterm elections very seriously. Our very right to exist is on the Ballot this November, so please come out and do more than just vote. Be vocal, recruit and participate in the below walks and let's do our part to make a difference this upcoming election day.