Merry Christmas: Acts of kindness and generosity

As many families, members and friends are still trying to recover from the storm, what do you say except I can't believe Christmas is here? You have to ask how do these families cope with the holidays and have any spirit when many have no home to even put up a tree. The strength of our members and our communities have truly tested our will to endure horrible hardship. Our hats are off to all of you, for the many acts of kindness and the generosity, yes you truly are the best and everyone on Long Island and across New York State recognizes it. Our customers also recognize the fact that every one of our people went to work to help the public out despite their own hardships they left behind and handled each issue with professionalism, and we would expect nothing less from CWA members. Its times like this that make our union shine and make each of us proud to be part of an organization that carries on the tradition of serving our neighbors.

Going into the New Year we can only hope that the economy gets better and some of our large employers start to respect our members and what the members do. We all know we did the right thing for the right reasons. It's unfortunate that many of them (employers) didn't realize it and they probably never will. Having seen the devastation and hearing the stories we can say with conviction that we wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas, and a healthy Happy New Year. May 2013 bring our good wishes to each of us and your families.