Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We would like to wish all of our active members and retirees a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Officers, Business Agents and Staff of our Local union. This is time of year to spend much anticipated quality time with our families, enjoy each others company and participate in the various traditions we hold so dear.  It is also important that we take a moment to to give thanks to our men and women serving in the armed forces. Many are spending Christmas in desert barracks protecting the freedoms we enjoy each day, so please say a prayer for their safe return and comfort for their stateside families who will have one less at the Christmas table. It is my absolute pleasure to serve each of you within the CWA family. You are all like family to me, and there is a spot for each and every CWA member in my heart this Christmas. I look to the New Year as we carry the spirit of giving and charity into 2014 and recharge our moral batteries to continue to fight for better working conditions for all. God Bless you Local 1104 and may the peace and joy of the Holiday season fill your hearts.