Rally this Wednesday to tell Lee Zeldin No Fast Track on TPP Trade Deal

Message from President Tom Benedetto
Our union, along with the Long Island Federation of Labor and civic leaders will be joining together this Wednesday in Patchogue outside of rookie Congressman Lee Zelden's office to urge him to oppose fast tracking any trade deal that would send good jobs to the third world. We have been making calls and lobbying on this issue for years and the time for talk is over, now its time to act!
The rally is outside Congressman Zeldin's office on Wednesday, April 1st. We will be sending the message loud and clear "No to TPP and No to Fast Track. Put People before Profits" We start at 4:30 and will continue until at least 6:00. Come when you can and stand with your Brothers and Sisters in Labor, stand with Environmentalists, stand with Community Activists, Stand up for what is Right! This goes without saying - wear red! See you Wednesday. 
Lee Zeldin District Office
31 Oak St.
11772 Patchogue, NY