Remembering, boycotting and voting

I hope that this email finds everyone doing well and enjoying their summer.  Below you will find some information on the Annual Horgan Tournament, the reinstatement of dependent care and summer camp reimbursements, the Annual NYC Labor Day Parade and information on the boycott of Mexican made Oreos. 

You will also find information on our upcoming meeting and the candidates that CWA 1104 and the Long Island Federation of Labor are supporting in this year's election.  It is very important that all members attend the meeting as we will be nominating and electing stewards.  These are the men and women who are on the ground floor and are our first line of representation.  Our union meetings are also where decisions like who to endorse are made.  This year, many of the candidates running for office came before the labor community to ask us for our support.  The screening process is an important opportunity to question these politicians on what they will do to represent working people.   This year we are encouraged by the fact that a CWA member, Anthony Eramo, has decided to run for State Assembly.  Local 1104 is supporting him and will work to get a CWA voice in Albany.

Please remember to make safety a daily habit and that no job is more important then your life.  Please take all of the proper safety measure, especially while working in this extreme heat.