Support Candidates Who Support Us

Election Day is less than a week away. Thanks to the hard work of our LPAT team, Local 1104 has been knocking on doors and making phone calls for our endorsed candidates. This election is very important. We have the chance to send some pro-union elected officials to Albany and DC. Elected officials who will vote to keep good, union jobs in the United States. Officials who will fight against Right to Work and who will stand with us in our fight against corporate greed. Below, I have included Local 1104's endorsement list. It includes both Democrats and Republicans and reflects the people who have stood with us during strikes and voted with us on important legislation. Once again I would like to thank everyone on the LPAT team who took the time to interview these candidates and who have spent their personal time reaching out to voters in support of these candidates. 

CWA 1104 Voter Guide:

Governor:                              Andrew Cuomo (D)
Lt Governor:                          Kathy Hochul (D)
Comptroller:                          Tom Di Napoli (D)
Attorney General:                 Letitia "Tish" James (D)
U.S. Senate
Senate:                                    Kirsten Gillibrand (D)
Congressional District 1:     Perry Gershon (D)
Congressional District 2:     Liuba Grechen-Shirley (D)
Congressional District 3:     Thomas Suozzi (D)
NY State Senate
Senate District 2:                  Kathleen Cleary (D)
Senate District 3:                  Monica Martinez (D)
Senate District 4:                  Phil Boyle (R)
Senate District 5:                  James Gaughran (D)
Senate District 6:                  Kevin Thomas (D)
Senate District 7:                  Anna Kaplan (D)
Senate District 8:                  John Brooks (D)
Senate District 9:                  Todd Kaminsky (D)
State Assembly
Assembly District 1:             Fred Thiele (I)
Assembly District 3:             Joseph DeStefano (R)
Assembly District 4:             Steve Englebright (D)
Assembly District 5:             Doug Smith (R)
Assembly District 6:             Phil Ramos (D)
Assembly District 7:             Andrew Garbarino (R)
Assembly District 8:             David Morrissey (D)
Assembly District 9:             Christine Pellegrino (D)
Assembly District 10:          Steve Stern (D)
Assembly District 11:          Kimberly Jean-Pierre (D)
Assembly District 12:          Andrew Raia (R)
Assembly District 13:          Charles Lavine (D)
Assembly District 14:          David McDonough (R)
Assembly District 15:          Allen Foley (D)
Assembly District 16:          Anthony D'Urso (D)
Assembly District 17:          John Milkulin (R)
Assembly District 18:          Taylor Raynor (D)
Assembly District 19:          Billy Carr (D)
Assembly District 22:          Michaelle Solages (D)
Suffolk Comptroller:            John Kennedy (R)