Regional Bargaining Report #31

CWA District 1/IBEW Local 2213 and IBEW New England Regional Committees spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Rye Town Hilton in Westchester. On Tuesday, there were further off the record discussions on workplace flexibility.
This morning the Union Committee presented another comprehensive proposal to the Company. The proposal includes continued protection of our job security, pensions, contracting of work, quality and affordable health care and more. 
There are no more meetings scheduled for this week and we are attempting to schedule additional bargaining sessions for next week.
Meanwhile, earlier this week Verizon Wireless informed CWA that they intend to fire Local 1109 activist Bianca Cunningham. Management is intending to fire Bianca as a result of her role as a union activist. In fact, the company is saying Bianca is being terminated as a result of her work helping a member during a disciplinary investigation. This is a frontal attack against our union, and against the brave men and women in the retail stores in Brooklyn. 
We absolutely cannot let this stand. We ask all members in Verizon and Verizon Wireless to carry they message back to management that the must Bring Back Bianca! The Company must get the message that the attack on Bianca is an attack on us all and we won’t stand for it.