Verizon Bargaining Report #30

CWA District 1/IBEW Local 2213 and IBEW New England Regional Committees spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Rye Town Hilton in Westchester.

Off-the-record discussions continued this week with Verizon on call sharing  and job security issues. Your Union Bargaining team is working hard and is committed to finding ways to address both the concerns of the Company and the needs of our members in this round of negotiations. The Company continues to have only one goal, givebacks. Their agenda continues to include retrogressive demands across virtually every area of our contracts from job security to pensions to Health Care and work rules. The Company has no interest in any of the Union’s issues.

There are no more meeting scheduled for this week and we are attempting to schedule additional bargaining sessions for next week.

Last week we asked members to turn out to workplace rallies and the results were great!  Additional rallies are being scheduled for the coming weeks and all members should make every effort to attend. In addition, there are other mobilization activities that all members should be participating in. Every member needs to take an active part in our plans to pressure the Company until a fair contract is won.  Keep up the good work and…