CWA 1104 Scholarship Winners



CWA Local 1104 awarded twenty-two (23) scholarships.  A total of $24,000 was given to the children and grandchildren of our members and retirees.  We at Local 1104 hope this money will help in their pursuit of higher education and that they will have a successful school year:


Bob Lilja Memorial Scholarship - $2,000.00:

Ashley Antippas, Daughter of William Antippas, TTA/STP - Hicksville G

Active - $1000.00 Each:

Jason Adams, Son of Michael Adams, FT/STP - Hicksville G

Michael Adams, Son of Michael Adams, FT/STP - Hicksville G

Christina Azzinaro, Daughter of William Azzinaro, FT/STP - Hicksville G

Isabella (Issy) Rose Allen, Daughter of Lisa A Allen, OPR – Troy - Vtac

Matthew Barron, Son of Michael Barron, FT/STP - Greenvale G

Rhyan Christiansen, Daughter of Thomas Christiansen, FT/STC - Bethpage G

Michael Dietz, Son of Michael Dietz, FT/STP - Hicksville G

Samantha Dunston, Daughter of Christopher Dunston, TTA/CSTX - Plainview G

Brianna Farrell, Daughter of Glen Farrell, TTA/STP - Hicksville G

Madison Goode, Daughter of Monica Goode, FACL SPL – Zeck Blvd.

Hector Hernandez Jr., Son of Hector Hernandez, FT/STP - Hicksville G

Amanda Ingenito, Daughter of Anthony Ingenito, FT/STP - Freeport G

Matthew Malandro, Son of Anthony Malandro, FT/STC - Bethpage G

Colby Nilsen, Son of Joseph Nilsen, FT/STS - Plainview G

Sarah Piccinini, Daughter of Michael Piccinini, FT/OPT - Bethpage G

Michael Popowich Jr., Son of Michael Popowich, FT/OPT - Bethpage G

Brianna Reichelt, Daughter of Robert Reichelt, FT/STC - Bethpage G

Anthony Sievers, Son of Susan Sievers, TTA/SET - Zeck Blvd.

Kenneth F. Spratt, Son of Kenneth E. Spratt, FT/STP - Freeport G

Bridgette Thompson, Daughter of James Thompson, FT/STC - Bethpage G

Retirees  - $1000.00 Each:

Mary Czarnecki, Daughter of Richard Czarnecki, FT/OCS - Zeck Blvd.

Nicholas Zeng, Grandson of Dorothy Lee, ADM CLK - Zeck Blvd.