Health Assessment Credit

Verizon has also informed us that in order to receive the $100 Health Assessment Credit in 2021, employees will need to retake the Health Assessment, beginning on 9/1/2020. Employees will also have the additional option to complete one wellness activity between 9/1/20-12/1/20 instead of the Health Assessment to earn the $100 premium reduction for 2021.  
Available activities:
  • Complete the Health Assessment
  • Complete a WebMD Coaching Session
  • Participate in a Volunteer Activity
  • Choose a Primary Care Physician
  • Complete a Biometric Screening
Completion by 12/1/20 ensures the credit is in place by the first paycheck of 2021. Completions by 12/31/20 will receive full credit for 2021. Completions in 2021 will receive a prorated credit.