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    Happy Labor Day from CWA Local 1104

    Happy Labor Day!  Unions have won rights we all take for granted like health benefits, vacations, the minimum wage and the weekend just to name a few. Unions also battle corporate greed and you too can join the fight! Make sure you make Labor Day's true meaning the topic of conversation around your...

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    The NLRB Board: We did it!

    We made the calls and it happened. The US Senate voted to confirm a full package of nominations to the National Labor Relations Board. GOP Senators agreed to end their obstruction of any nomination made by President Obama. Republicans voted on two new NLRB nominations - Nancy Schiffer and Kent...

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    Secure Your Place in Democracy

    This Fourth of July we will once again declare America's independence and stand together, united by the common yet powerful idea of inalienable rights and the belief that everyone is created equal. In the U.S. Constitution, our nation's founders forged these words: "We hold these truths to be self-...

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    Merry Christmas: Acts of kindness and generosity

    As many families, members and friends are still trying to recover from the storm, what do you say except I can't believe Christmas is here? You have to ask how do these families cope with the holidays and have any spirit when many have no home to even put up a tree. The strength of our members and...

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    Raffle for a new Weber Grill from the Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

    In honor of the American worker, the Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO is launching a raffle for a new Weber Grill for your All-American Backyard July 4th Celebration! The contest is only available at:   Be sure to like and share the contest with family and friends on...